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Principals Message

Mission Statement

As a learning community we are committed to building a cohesive school where the focus is on the growth and success of every child. We recognize that a student's physical, social, and emotional well being is also relevant to learning. We believe each student has the right to a quality education where high academic standards are established and met. We believe every child can achieve and experience success in ways that reflect his or her own unique talents. At Banneker every child is encouraged to become a creative, motivated, life-long learner.


  • Provide quality instruction to meet the needs of all students
  • Promote student learning and academic achievement
  • Provide efficient school-wide programs, activities and services to enhance the overall development of students
  • Foster collaboration among families, the community, students and school staff
  • Provide a safe, orderly and caring school
  • Maintain quality teachers, administrators and support staff

Guarantee to Educate

At Banneker Elementary School, "Where there is no limit to learning." This is our school motto which is embedded in all we do. At Banneker Elementary we strive to create a safe, positive learning environment. The Baldrich System of Continuous Improvement Model has enabled us to provide effective, strategic instruction, evaluate our results and ultimately validate best practices in our school and classroom. Throughout all we do, meeting our students, academic needs is our priority. We strive to provide engaging instruction and celebrate achievement. The implementation of our Positive Behavior Support system encourages student to do their BEST in school. At Banneker BEST stands for Be responsible, Express respect, Safety first, and Teamwork. Reviewing our data on the following pages will illustrate our best has no limits.

Chad Luzier

Benjamin Banneker Elementary, Banneker Main Office