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Dress Code

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Milford School District School Dress Code Policy Statement:
This school dress code policy will supersede any and all previous dress code policies. The required style of dress must be worn to enter the building on a normal school day from entry to dismissal unless otherwise authorized by Administration.
Approved dress code bottoms include: Solid color khaki style pants, jeans, walking shorts, capris, skorts, skirts (no slits), jumpers or dresses.
1. Cotton, denim and/or corduroy are acceptable.
2. Stretch apparel, leather or sheer materials are not permitted.
3. Dress code bottoms must be to the knee or longer in length.
4. Cut-off pants and pants with holes are not permitted.
5. Clothing items must be worn at the natural waist.
6. Solid color leggings, tights or nylons may be worn under skirts that are no shorter than the knee.
7. Chains and spiked jewelry are not permitted.


Approved dress code tops include: Solid color collared shirts.
1. Dress code tops must be short or long sleeve. No sleeveless dress code tops are permitted.
2. Button down shirts are permitted. Only the top button of dress code tops can be unbuttoned.
3. Solid color collared shirts may have a small emblem on the chest or sleeve. Milford School District issued collared shirts may also be worn.
4. Solid colored crewneck sweatshirts or polar fleece jackets may be worn over the collared dress code top. 
5. Pullover v-neck, crewneck, button down or zippered cardigan sweaters may be worn over the collared dress code top.
6. Athletic gear and presentation of lettering or an emblem associated with Milford School District, schools of the Milford School District or colleges/universities are acceptable on approved dress code tops.
7. Turtlenecks (mock and regular) or t-shirts (short sleeve and long sleeve) solid in color may be worn underneath polo shirts. 8. Anything designated as an undergarment (except t-shirts) cannot be revealed. No skin or undergarments should be visible between the waistband of the pants and the bottom of the shirt.
9. Cut-offs, frayed seams, and holes are not permitted on clothing.
10. Hats, head coverings (except for religious practices), visors, bandanas, combs, and sunglasses (except with a doctor prescription) may not be worn in the building. Scarves, ties, and bowties are acceptable.
* Approved solid-colored hooded sweatshirts, pullovers or polar fleece jackets may be worn as acceptable dress code tops. Students wearing approved hooded apparel must keep the hood down, and off of their head, while in the school building.
1. Students must wear appropriate footwear at all times. No shoes with wheels or slippers are permitted. Elementary students are not permitted to wear flip flops and need to have a closed toe shoe secured to the foot by a strap or shoelaces.
Other Dress Code Considerations:
1. New students who have not been previously enrolled in the Milford School District shall have up to 10 school days to comply with the dress code policy.
2. Appropriate physical education attire is determined by the school’s physical education teacher and administration.
3. Clothing or other personal adornments or embellishments that are disruptive, unsafe or interfere with the regular operations of school are expressly prohibited during school hours and during school functions. Clothing, footwear, jewelry, or adornments must not be obscene, vulgar, nor ethnically, culturally, or sexually offensive. Sacrilegious prints, gang related identification, apparel, or paraphernalia, suggestions or depictions of violence, drug or alcohol use, tobacco/smoking and/or illegal activities may not be worn or displayed.
If there are any questions concerning this policy, please contact your student’s school.
ADOPTED: 5/16/11
REVISED: 7/11/11; 3/26/12; 4/19/16, 7/6/21, 8/22/22
For students in need of assistance with school supplies, including clothing adhering to Policy 5415, please contact Visiting Teacher, Ashley Norman, at or 302-424-8819.